Sponsorship Info

  • Selection

    Phantom Speed Factory is a One Man operation and seeks individuals with the same passion for speed in order to grow and develop new products! PSF selects a new sponsor every month! The needs may also change from a certain vehicle to another! Candidates interested in representing PSF and showing off their build should follow the next step!

  • Involvement

    On the 1st of every month, you will see a Monthly Sponsorship Post on Facebook @PhantomSpeedFactory

    1. Submit your Best Picture or Video in the comments!
    2. Interact with posts on Facebook and Instagram @PhantomSixTwo
    3. Get more hype on your Submission! Sponsorship will be selected on the amount likes your submission gets as well as the needs of PSF. Tag your buddies!
  • Sponsorship

    During the last week of each month, I will select someone to sponsor! The benefits are huge!

    1. Free Custom Carbon Fiber Badges
    2. Key Fobs or Accessories
    3. PSF Apparel
    4. Featured Banner Showcase on Website and Facebook for the Month!
    5. Your own Product Store with Custom Decals, Custom Apparel, and links to your Social Media!

    Sponsors also receive 10% of the Sales from their Stores to help continue their builds!