Carbon Fiber Lifetime Warranty

All of our Carbon Fiber Badges and Spoilers are covered under a Lifetime Replacement Warranty. Should your Carbon Fiber product become damaged, you can Submit a request for a Replacement Warranty Order. This will include all pieces and hardware.

Replacement Request

You must send an Email to and request a Replacement Warranty Order along with a Photo showing the damage. If approved, you will receive an email to Complete your Order. Please update any contact or shipping information at this time.

Warranty Deductible

In order to keep prices down, we will be charging a small fee to cover the production costs of your new badges. Customers will be expected to pay a deductible not to exceed 40% of the Full Price.


Before a Customer's Replacement Order can be shipped, we must receive your return of the damaged product. The customer will be responsible for Return Shipping Costs and Shipping on the Replacement Order. Your badges can be sent to Phantom Speed Factory PO Box 469 Thomasville Pennsylvania 17364 Once you ship your items, please reply back to the email thread and provide the tracking information. Once your Replacement Order ships, you will receive your tracking information via email.

Replacement Orders will be processed with all other orders in chronological order.


If both badges are not received, we will not be able to provide a replacement set. For example, should your badges be stolen or lost, we cannot provide a replacement set.

The Lifetime Warranty will also cover the replaced items. Should your replacement ever become damaged, they will also be covered for as long as you own these items.

 No Damage is needed to exchange badges. You may trade in your Phantom Speed Factory Carbon Fiber Badges for a new set when ever you feel it necessary. You may also have the option to upgrade or change designs at the discretion of the Shop.